Books and book printing in the paper processing

    facial tissue processing is not necessarily books album cover and back cover, also includes the packaging paper, packaging paper, often interspersed with some color in the journal or book fold. Due to consistent with the quality and thickness of the paper cover, back cover, and fit to paper processing category. Because this type of printing is likely to need some decorative printed after the processing, in particular, on the paper surface to light and color, and form a three-dimensional effect of the kind of work. So printing with a single trivial, especially local finishing stamping, embossing, UV oil, Crystal oil and so on, also the plate of quality and timing.

    gilded version of the strokes taken not too thin, when less than 0.1mm (0.1mm) hot film is very easy to break, it is difficult to achieve beautiful results. Making the bronzing or pressure relief, yet basic chemical etching method, plate for a long time, usually from half a day to a day, so when printed at the time of printing, finishing sheet should be completed at the same time, in order to print an object under the machine after finishing in a timely manner.

    die cut of specifications General not to single printing pieces as basic specifications, but above machine of machine Taiwan specifications for based, if Shang machine printing specifications is full or outside this class larger specifications of paper, to makes die cut version of knife bit as can in a horizontal Shang, in allows points version of situation Xia can in printing Hou points cut outside or four open, to reduced die cut version knife bit debugging workload, both save has time, and improve has die cut of authentic rate.