Business card printing and design process

    small business cards, simple confusion within the pre-press design but experience throughout the lithographic printing process. Business card of preliminary work, first on business card printing, printing ease, printing paper, select again according to the specific content of your business card, design is generally thought; organizational composition, character format, finding the best business card design for you. Finally, proofread carefully, particularly demanding and complex business cards, the slightest mistake, it creates waste, resulting in unnecessary losses. Modern business card design varied, mainly late is combined with modern printing and processing technology, can make them noble, full of personality.

   , determine the print

    1, digital printing business cards: business card printing using computer and color laser printers can be completed, 292*197mm paper used paper for business cards, 10 business cards per sheet. Features: print speed is extremely quick, typography in one fell swoop, and making the business cards of good quality, digital business cards have a high quality, high efficiency characteristics.

    2, offset printing business cards: business card printing using computers, LaserJet printers, printer, card offset printing machine with complete, business card 90*55mm business card sheets with paper or special paper, each sheet can only be printed out a business card. Features: fully express all the creative business cards, for the traditional business card printing forms. Disadvantages: relatively slow print speeds and delivery cycle is long, moderately priced, and the quality is good.

    3, screen printing business cards: business card printing using computers, laser printers, printer, small screen printing machine with complete business cards by other than paper media, General 90*55mm medium size, each can only be printed out a business card. Its features are as follows: General media than paper thick and hard, suitable for high-end, personalized business cards, quality varies due to media use.

    second, easily print selected

    selected name card printing, choose number must also be printed on business cards, are cards the number of colors to be printed. Color business cards and is also a business card prices are one of the most important. Meanwhile, you have business cards printed are printed single-sided printed double-sided and choose the increase of printing surfaces increase the number that is printed, also means color and price increases.

    1, color choices: cards can be divided into single color, double color, tri-color, four-color and multicolor printing, design using spot-color printing and color printing differences, determine the frequency of different printing business cards.

    2, single and double sided options: business card printing single-sided selection is also printing the number of choices, color business card printing surface is directly related to the price of.

    c, business card

    business card design first determines the content to be printed on the card. Provides information on the card is the main card, business card information consists of text, graphics (logos, graphic) posed, is one of a kind of digital information, but does not constitute a business card for the mainstream.

    1, select: text information includes the name, card holder's name, position and contact information. Some business cards business, motto or auspicious phrases.

    2, mark option: according to user systems VI image design requirements.

    3, graphics options: choose a business card printing personal photos, pictures, shading, calligraphy, and a simple map, makes the card more personal style.

    four, later processing

    card processing and conventional printing press, also bronzing, laminating, die-cut boxes later, cutting processing technology.