Premium catalogs printed covers spot was chosen because

    ordinary print spot-color printing is not required. Spot color is normally based on the manuscript of need or use of customer's requirements. Layout only when no more than three colors for spot-color printing. If the layout color more than four, especially the layout of continuous tone color images, use four-colour printing CMYK. Some customers in the production of high-grade album cover will now tend to spot-color printing. Book printing cover pages using a spot color, for the following reasons:

    first, the ink color is more accurate, may display a wide range of colors. Some cover design with large areas of uniform color or gradient colors for the background, then overlay text above, these pages if printed with ink once in special deployment, to the greatest extent possible to ensure the accuracy of color transfer, color distortions are rare.

    second, some colors, such as gold, silver and so on, could not be obtained with four color printing. Some gold and silver titles on the album cover, logo, etc, can use special gold and silver inks are printed as spot color.

    third, with spot color printing, printing errors can be reduced, lower plate costs. Four-colour printing needs divides into four sets of films, four printing plates, printing four times. Plate high cost, easy printing error. If the spot color printing, simply mix exactly corresponding to the spot-color ink, and then using this printing a spot-color ink to the right dot balls. Reducing the number of printing to reduce processing errors, and reduce the cost of printing, and easy to maintain the desired color effect.

    in summary, cover color than the single premium catalogs printed covers selected spot color printing even more properly, can improve printing quality, reducing the number of overprints, save the cost of plate, and colour to obtain WYSIWYG results.