Book folding in book printing quality standards and requirements

    in printing, folding is a very common process, whether it is color pages, books, catalogs, envelopes, involves folding the technology, quality standards of books printed in the folding process is:

    1) folding books should not be folded back, upside down pages, double stick, oil control, angle and run version and so on.

    2) book page number position error of not more than 3 mm, lip edge error not more than 2 mm.

    3) fold out books outside the crease in the black signature mark to center line, all neatly exposed in the book the creases out of the last 10 percent.

    4) stiletto knife (or DAO) to correctly draw creases, folded after one back neatly cut overlapping flat clothing without folds.

    5) folding sewing book, front edges than the front fold edge 4 mm, to match the sewing machine automatically take the job go smoothly.

    6) fold out books to keep pages tidy and clean, no oil is dirty, no torn pages, no DART or eight water wave folded, to keep them flat.

    7) book fold after the packing requirements of each bundle of figures are accurate, tying strong. Each bundle of the same size, code neat, no serial number, wrong number.