Coloring page printed after the folding process

&Nbsp;   part of brochure printing, user needs, require folding process. Many methods of folding, folded by hand, machines break. Fold a high degree of automation and mechanization, is less and using hand-fold, only some fine small prints, and may use the manual method. But whether shouzhe or folded, printed before the imposition, the hinge has a fixed, which folded hand paper folding folding sequence. There is a problem to be aware of: due to the large double-sided coated paper coating the surface of brittle, especially more than 157g/square meters of double copper, hand-fold time-consuming, laborious, folded and easily burst. If there are white with patterns exactly burst in the spine will see it; if the background is dark print, fold burst, broken, customers find it difficult to accept. So when folded double copper paper, do not select more than 157 g/㎡ or more (157 g/sqm) double copper paper, than to die after indentation the hinge-so that you can avoid the folding machine fold burst problem. Also can add varnish or lamination method, help improve paper folding.