Customer questions and answers

    How to ensure print quality?

    We started with artworks for your product quality control, and by upgrading equipment and technical training, obtain a stable and high quality print quality and standardized management and strict quality control, give you full confidence.

    with the following nine-point customer attention:

    ① the customer receives printed, if quality problems are found, please contact with me to receive 3rd, is valid. Available telephone, QQ contact, the company has the specialist to help you immediately.

    II liability: If printing problems, cutting all at our expense if your presentation design issues, customer shall be responsible for. Quality problems through the company returns processing personnel recognized except prints have to be returned to the company.

    ③ printing color difference C.M.Y.K. error of 10% within the values are normal, and should not be used as the return reason.

    II not to display colors prevail, each screen and printer to different color the color of the description file are not the same, please read C.M.Y.K to the eyedropper tool. values, refer to printing the color spectrum to contrasting colors.

    II full reflection, prone to back India or edge color spill, though not always, but please add the film processing, as determined not to film and back printing on or spill color, without a return or chargeback.

    f word still on curve. Corresponds to the font warning dialog box does not appear, and the omission, jumps and other situations, be sure to convert the fonts to curves.

    sadly regarding the use of R.G.B. or spot-color marking colors in C.M.Y.K., the color will be biased, or jump off the black, so please be sure to use the C.M.Y.K. to mark the color, if appointed on behalf of the company transformation, color errors, the company shall not be liable for.

    ⑧ cut there will be errors, the content should not be too close to the cutting edge of design, each bleeding 3mm to avoid being cut to our crop error criterion for 1mm.

    Krispy Kreme order process, there will be a loss, no longer guarantees a sufficient number; numbers, occasionally missing numbers, jump, production quantities within the ± 2% normal, if special quantity requirements please note.

    design print production can provide one-stop service?

   , the company also has a professional design team, you can design a satisfactory line with the printing of the manuscript.

    proof effect?

    digital print, but probably only for a look at the typography layout, colors, size and proofreading, printing color and proofing color 10%-15% belong to the normal range of deviation, it cannot use digital printing to as absolute criterion of the final printing products.

    on time, how long will it take?

    different products require different production cycles, you can give your request to our customer service, we will do our best to assist you. Recommend arranged order as soon as possible, because a reasonable duration, can guarantee the product quality.

    How to do print payment?

    If you in Xiamen, we can come to a deposit, the balance settlement for delivery; other areas can be credited to the company account or personal account.

    How can I get delivery?

    Xiamen City in General can be delivered to your door, do not charge freight; can be arranged, if you need delivery, freight to be excluded; express made by other local small print, large print shipping customers to cargo terminal receipt. Customers are subject to specified logistics companies, please note in advance.

    you can VAT?

    generally provide only General invoice if large sums of money and requires special VAT invoice must make an appointment, you may want to wait for some time.